Strategic Plan

    In 2021, the Hoʻoikaika Partnership engaged in a strategic planning process to identify goals for the next three years. This process was facilitated by external consultants, The Stellar Group, and took place through a series of three meetings, all held virtually via Zoom conferencing platform on February 24th – 26th. The planning sessions were open to all partners, with a total of 46 participants. Five additional meetings were held with partners in March to refine the goals, objectives, and activities, as well as one final meeting in April to revise the mission, vision, and values.


    1. Create a seamless safety net of services to support children and their caregivers.
    2. Strengthen the prevention and provider workforce.
    3. Successfully educate and advocate for policy, program, and systems changes to prevent child abuse and neglect.
    4. Engage the community in prevention of child abuse and neglect.
    5. Strengthen the foundation of the Ho‘oikaika Partnership.

    Ho’oikaika Partnership Strategic Plan.
       (Adobe Acrobat – 19 pages – 371 kB)