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A Hui Dedicated to Preventing Child Abuse & Neglect in Maui County

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About Navigation Services

Ho’oikaika System Navigation Services helps families access services and supports in Maui County. The social services system can be overwhelming and confusing and families may feel intimidated or embarrassed – which makes reaching out for help or following through on referrals very challenging. Our navigator acts as a “guide by the side” to coach families and provides a “warm hand off” so children and their caregivers actually connect with program services. By coordinating, communicating and collaborating across agencies, the navigator helps weave a seamless safety net.

What Does A Navigator Do?

1: Coordinate with Maui County programs and agencies to provide seamless services.
2: Direct services and community resources to eligible children and families:
–  System navigation
–  Parenting and life skills coaching
–  Access to concrete supports to assist in stabilizing their lives
–  Aftercare coaching to help heal from trauma
–  A “warm hand-off” between clients/participants and programs
3: Community outreach and education to prevent CAN.

“This support came at a critical time. I find a lot of assistance doesn’t help until you’re already in crisis and I was so relieved to be able to avoid that. This gave me a much needed break and took a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me to get things in order.”

Navigation Participant

The Navigators

Portrait of Heide Allencastre

Heidi Allencastre

Hoʻoikaika Navigator

Heidi works with families to get connected to the resources and services that they need while focusing on the protective factors. She believes that it is important for families to feel supported while going through different challenges. She meets families where they are at and partners with them so they can work through barriers and make lasting changes for their ‘ohana. Heidi’s hope is that with her support, parents will learn to become their keiki’s #1 advocate.

“I believe support is extremely necessary for families to succeed and move past difficult circumstances”


Jolina Bocobo


Jolina, a resilient single mother of two, exemplifies strength in her daily life. Her love shines through her cooking, a heartfelt expression of care for her loved ones. Jolina extends her compassion to others, as she expresses an extraordinary level of care. Her passion for the work she undertakes not only sustains her own family but also contributes to the well being of others in the community. Jolina’s unwavering dedication makes her strength and kindness in both her personal and professional endeavors.

“The best way to describe my experience was almost like talking to a relative … I felt like she was speaking to me on my level and not above me.”

Navigation Participant

“Programs like these being navigated by the right hearts are a huge blessing to ‘ohana that needs the assistance and may not know how to ask. With a grateful heart, Thank you!!”

Navigation Participant

Navigation Services Brochure

Download the Navigation Services brochure to learn more about how our Hoʻoikaika System Navigation Services can help families access the services and supports they need in Maui County. Our dedicated navigator acts as a “guide by the side” to ensure families connect with program services and receive the support they require. With coordination, communication, and collaboration across agencies, we create a seamless safety net for children and their caregivers. Discover how our navigation services can make a difference in your ʻohana’s life.

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