Our Values

Hoʻoikaika Partnership Values

Aloha – Laulima – Ha’aha’a – Mālama – Kuleana – Pono

We Act with Purpose – We Embrace Opportunities –

We Embrace Meaningful Outcomes – We Strive for Continuous Improvement

ALOHA: All partners have strengths and are valued. All persons within the Partnership have an equal voice working together in relationships based on equality and respect.

LAULIMA: Together we are stronger in spirit and action than we are alone. We embrace opportunities to collaborate to improve the safety and well-being of our ʻohana

HA‘AHA‘A: We recognize and acknowledge the contributions of all partners. We foster a 3 learning culture and remain open to new ideas. We do not bring attention to oneself; instead, we act as a whole.

MĀLAMA: We honor primary caregivers and recognize that they are their children’s first teachers. We act with confidence knowing that strengthening protective factors are in the best interest of our ʻohana.

KULEANA: Our responsibility is to keep our children safe. We are privileged to work together, educating the community, and embracing promising, emerging, and best practices.

PONO: We act with purpose. We are sensitive and respectful in our approach, recognizing the wide range of culturally diverse needs of our community. We take risks together to do what is right for our ʻohana.