Social Media Toolkit

Partnering to Raise CAP Awareness

For the first time, Ho’oikaika Partners are launching a social media campaign for National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April and we need your help!

Child Abuse Prevention Month logoThe easiest way to participate is by liking and following Ho’oikaika Partnership on Facebook and/or Instagram and sharing our posts. We’ve also created a social media toolkit with downloadable images and messages you can copy and paste to design your own posts with your agencies’ logo and branding.

If we all share similar messages repeatedly, we can collectively reach a lot of people!  By working together, we can strengthen families and prevent child abuse.



Ho’oikaika Partnership’s Social Media Campaign and Toolkit – #ohanatokstory

 We can organically reach thousands of Maui famillies by working together to collectively share posts on social media. This is an easy, low-effort way to reach people where they are and build awareness of partner services.

Project goals are to:

    • Cap Social Media PosterEngage families in an easy, fun, strength-based activity to demonstrate protective factors and early literacy skills
    • Foster collaboration among Ho’oikaika partners
    • Inspire families to learn more and access supports
    • Increase awareness of community supports/services
    • Offer prizes that provide concrete supports and enrichment activities for Maui County families.

 The social media challenge #ohanatokstory is a way for us to engage with families and provide opportunities for families to win prizes while participating in activities that promote family engagement, family strengthening and resilience. We also will be sharing resources and educating families about protective factors while building social media presence.

By sharing pictures and videos, families can demonstrate how the protective factors are practiced in everyday life – Maui style! Youth leaders from the Boys & Girls Club of Maui will emcee the challenge. Kanoe Enos, Early Childhood Action Strategy/’A’ali’i Alliance, is lending the concept of “Aloha at Home” for our first challenge and providing support for family prizes.

The Butterfly Farm LogoMaui County residents will have the opportunity to win prizes such as children’s books, gas cards, and movie tickets. The Maui Butterfly Farm is a generous sponsor of one of our “grand prizes” – a live educational butterfly farm tour. Local businesses can sponsor our challenge and donate prizes. Contact Deb Marois for more information.

The challenge will begin after our April 13 Ho’oikaika Partnership Meeting so stay tuned!

How Ho’oikaika Partners Can Help

The easiest way to participate is to do the first 2 items.  If you’re feeling motivated and creative, keep going!

Child Abuse Prevention / Ho’oikaika Partnership Zoom Backgrounds

Ho'oikaika Partnership LogoDownload these Zoom backgrounds and save on your computer or laptop.

2022 Zoom Backgrounds Folder

Instructions to upload into your Zoom account and add Zoom background:

    1. Sign in to the Zoom mobile app.
    2. While in a Zoom meeting, tap More in the controls.
    3. Tap Background and Filters.
    4. Tap the background you would like to apply or tap + to upload a new image. The background will be automatically applied.
    5. Tap Close after selecting the background to return to the meeting.

Social Media Campaign Planning Partners

Mahalo nui loa to all who are helping with the campaign!

Heidi Allencastre, Ho’oikaika Navigator, is leading the development of our social media toolkit and producing images, short video clips and shareable posts to get the word out about child abuse prevention activities, protective factors, and local resources available through partner agencies.

Tania Ilaoa, Child & Club Safety Coordinator at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui, is leading video content development, writing scripts, and working with Keystone Club youth leaders who will serve as emcees for our social media “challenge.”

Traci Robello, Early Literacy Project Director at Maui Family Support Services, is the originator of this idea and helping us connect the protective factors with early literacy.

Genevieve DeRego, Lead Outreach and Eligibility Specialist at Imua Family Services, is serving as a thought partner and coordinating promotion for “A Journey to Healing,” the new video produced by the Community Engagement Committee.

Kanoe Enos, Early Childhood Action Strategy/‘A’ali’i Alliance, is providing support for family incentives/prizes and lending the concept of “Aloha at Home” for our first challenge.

Mai Hall, Childrenʻs Health Coordinator and Ryan Catalani, Director of Advancement, Hawai’i Children’s Action Network, are providing technical assistance and also managing a statewide grant from the Hawai’i Department of Health that has provided us funding for CAP month activities.

Deb Marois, Ho’oikaika Partnership Coordinator, is organizing meetings, developing timelines and infrastructure, reaching out to prospective business partners, and handling communications.

Interested? Contact Deb Marois to join us!