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Our Mission Statement:
The mission of the Ho'oikaika Partnership is to continuously expand the knowledge and use of the Five Protective Factors to all those that touch and shape the lives of the children in Maui County to reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect (CAN).

Our Vision Statement:
Every child in Maui County will live peacefully, free from any type of abuse or neglect.

Our Goals:
1. Collaborate with, and support, state, county and non-profit agencies to incorporate the Protective Factors into daily practice as they work to improve the lives of children and families.

2. Provide support and education to families by providing them with available resources throughout the County that can support them in the reduction of CAN, and other forms of bullying and violence.


We value Aloha
All members have strengths and are valued as partners in the planning, implementation and evaluation of services.  All persons within this Partnership have an equal voice working together in relationships based on equality and respect.

We value Laulima
Together we are stronger in spirit and action than we are alone.  Collaboration is the creation of shared outcomes, opportunities and risks to bring about positive results for children, families and long-term system change.

We value Ha’aha’a
We recognize and acknowledge the contributions of all the members.  We do not bring attention to one’s self; instead we act as a whole.  We acknowledge and encourage each other’s strengths and resources.


We act with Purpose
The prevention of child abuse and neglect is the Partnerships first priority.  We are sensitive and respectful in our responses to the needs of children, and families, by recognizing the wide range of culturally diverse needs of our community.


We embrace Opportunities
We strive to form collaborative efforts and meaningful partnerships that can improve the safety and well being of families and children by preventing child abuse and neglect.


We value doing things Pono
We are willing to take risks together in the face of adversity to do what is right for our families and children.  We act with confidence knowing that the best interest of children and families are at hand.


We value Mãlama
We believe and practice the protective factors of children’s well being.  We honor primary caregivers and recognize that they are their children’s first teachers.


We value Kuleana
We recognize it takes a village to raise a child.  Educating and engaging all members of the community (faith community, businesses, private citizens, government agencies, lawmakers, etc.) is critical and essential in preventing child abuse and neglect.


We value Meaningful Outcomes
We embrace best, promising, and emerging practices around child abuse and neglect.  We practice ongoing evaluation and are committed to improving results.

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